Jacqui Thorpe

Jacqui Thorpe

Assesses Organisations Providing Child Care

Co-Founder of the Expressions partnership Jacqui is qualified in early years learning and development.
As an NVQ assessor Jacqui specialises in assessing organisations that provide child care and development bringing years of experience and education.

Real World Assesment

NVQ is a proven route to developing staff to a nationally recognised standard which results in improved efficiency and moreso demands proof of the candidate's capability "to actually do their job" the focus being based on what they can do rather than what they know.

Programme Design and Development

Jacqui has experience in management and operating excellence in such environments and uses this experience in assisting individuals, managers and owners to get the best results for themselves and their audiences (customers of all shapes and sizes).

As well as assessing, Jacqui assists in the design of programmes and keeps an eye on the Expressions team. Jacqui is active in voluntary school classroom assistance.

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