Melissa Scholey

Melissa Scholey

Melissa has provided training and support to a diverse range of clients from senior managers to young people in a range of settings. With over 10 years of practical experience in social and market research, Melissa’s background enables her to deliver real life training, not text book theories.

Accomplished in Public and Private Sectors

She has worked in a variety of fields including criminal justice, social services, health and community regeneration, advising on methodology and survey design, questionnaire design, reporting structures and carried out complex data analysis.

Dissemination and Evaluation

Melissa has managed large scale national surveys for the Highways Agency and Department for Transport, evaluations of Sure Start Programmes for local authorities and road safety projects for the Department for Transport. Many of these projects have involved managing teams based in different locations across the UK.

Delivers Programmes Mapped to Desired Outcomes

Whether working with multinational operations or small organisations Melissa is totally focused on delivering the identified desired outcomes, assisting valued clients in achieving their objectives.

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