William Mbanga

William Mbanga

Performance Improvement

Will is a Coach, Facilitator and Assessor with a passion for organisational culture development and individual performance improvement. He sees lifelong learning as a vehicle to bring about personal growth and transformational change for individuals and their organisations. With a background in Sport Science and Organisational Psychology, he has always been fascinated by interpersonal and team dynamics. 

International Experience

He has held various management roles in the Secondary and FE sectors, along with consultancy experience in Personal Development, Leadership Training and Team building across a range of Sport & Leisure organisations, SMEs and Government departments in the UK and abroad. With his broad experience in sports coaching at both amateur and professional levels, Will aims to promote clarity, direction and alignment to cross-functional teams, and the individuals within them, to increase their effectiveness.

Teams and Team Members

Will believes Emotional Intelligence and Psychological Safety are important enablers of effective teamwork and promote positive cultures and the development of both teams and individuals. He focuses on creating enthusiasm in individuals and teams for something they cannot yet see, while challenging them to push boundaries and improve performance. 

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