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Identified Issues
Our Graduate Development Programme attracts the best graduates from across Europe who are carefully selected and trained by our in-house experts.  A key component of both our Foundation training and ongoing coaching is trading psychology.  The emotional approaches and responses each trader takes determine their success. As a result, we wanted to engage external performance specialists to develop our traders’ psychological edge; how they bounce back from bad trades and how to sharpen decision making from both a confidence perspective as well as a knowledge perspective. 

Individual Skills
Cultural Improvement

The Jedi Trader Programme + One to One Coaching

Length of Intervention
2 half-day workshops plus a series of one to one coaching sessions

Rationale for Delivery
2 half-days delivered a month apart allowed learning and best implementation through self-directed working and feedback with free phone coaching and one to one support.


  • The Projection Model – How our beliefs are formed and how these shape our thoughts, which influence our behaviours and bring about performances that determine our results.
  • Utilising Stress – Stress is not a bad thing, but it’s given a bad reputation. This subject demonstrated how to use stress for the benefits of making decisions and enhancing performance as well as coping with the negative side effects.
  • Challenging the Thinking Traps – Paying attention to your emotional intelligence and disputing the negative thinking errors to avoid getting trapped in anxious behaviours and performance impeding outcomes.
  • Resilience – Learning from the lessons even if you don’t succeed in your task. Gaining grounded confidence and minimising the blip in performance. Growing stronger and wiser as a result of lessons learned from unsuccessful experiences. 
  • The Success Formula – Recognising your habits and focusing on those that help you win whilst dealing with those that inhibit your sustainable success. Understand discipline and how it can work for you. Defining success and what this really means for you, not the trader sat next to you. The importance of recovery to sustainable performance. 

The Expressions’ workshops, exercises and tools raised our traders’ awareness of what was required to perform at an elite level, daily, in the financial markets, whilst empowering them to take ownership of their psychological performance.

Results (So What ?)
During Foundation training our graduate traders were rated on their psychological readiness to trade live financial markets, both in advance of and post the Expressions’ interventions.  Post interventions our graduates reported a significant increase in their confidence to ‘go-live’.  75% of the target graduate group began live trading within 4 weeks and went on to establish themselves as effective live financial market participants. 

Additional Comments
The Expressions training was intelligently designed with the needs of our graduates firmly at its core.  The training was delivered both effectively and professionally, and we would not hesitate to use Expressions again in the future.  

David Dukes

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