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Brand and Marketing

Training in the Marketing Sector

In a fast-paced world where there is increasing competition and opportunity for consumers to consider where they spend their hard-earned money Brand identity plays a contributory role in consumer confidence and behaviour. 

Expressions have had the privilege of working with some of the world's most renowned authorities in: 

  • Point of Sale market research 
  • Trends analysis 
  • Brand awareness 
  • Strategic marketing and product placement 

Brands rely upon accurate data delivered by trusted business advisers to make the right decisions for the sustainable success of their products and services. Social media as well as mainstream media influences consumers on their buying behaviour and brand loyalty.

Professionals within this sector must be trusted, reliable, relatable and relevant to ensure they are providing the most effective support and guidance for their valued clients.

Training in the Marketing Sector

To date, Expressions has worked with professionals within this sector in the following areas:

Vision and Values

Every organisation requires something to aim for. It is alarming that many organisations that advise and guide other organisations do not practise what they preach. How do you demonstrate credibility if they do not take their own advice? 

“Would you trust a car salesperson if they didn’t drive the brand of car they were selling”?

Assisting brands to achieve their potential can only truly be achieved when clients see and believe the professional assistance is true to itself and follows the path they guide others to take. This also focuses the advisers on the purpose of their role.

Client Centred Selling

Consultative service requires a high degree of trust and a bond where the client feels they are the centre of the provider's world, not just another client in their portfolio. Sales targets can be a useful metric to measure success, but all too often the focus is on the wrong criteria. Focusing on the most appropriate measures of performance enables longer-term success and greater return on investment. 

Client-centred sales focus on really understanding the client's wants and needs married with their level and category of expectations enabling longer-term relationships. 

Expressions have enabled Brand and Marketing organisations to significantly increase their client retention and renewal rate through relationship generation.


For one global organisation Expressions designed and delivered a European-wide Client Centred Sales programme.

Using tried and tested behavioural change psychology and ‘Real Play’ with actual products and services, video assessments were a lasting reminder of how to build relationships whilst avoiding the common traps and pitfalls. 

Working in the Post-Pandemic Era

The global pandemic of Covid 19 was devastating for many sectors and industries. Brands and marketers had their work cut out to assist their valued clients to recover, adjust and grow again.

Expressions designed and delivered a 2 part programme to refocus clients in this business space to:

  • Recognise and appreciate the issues caused by the global phenomenon.
  • Identify their own barriers to success and work on removing them.  
  • Ensure they were still fit for purpose (and adjust accordingly).
  • Join their clients in their world and rebuild those relationships.
  • Consider innovative ways to further enhance their products or capitalise on pivot and/or growth opportunities   

Leadership and Management

Like every sector and organisation, Managers and Senior Managers typically gain internal promotion due to their technical specialism and expertise.

Rarely is there enough (if any) focus on the skill shift from technical to managerial.

All too often this results in the Manager believing they still have to be the best technician (account manager, senior consultant, adviser etc) which is both commercially inefficient and morally ineffective.

Expressions have designed and delivered in-house Academy programmes for valued clients within this sector focusing on their specific requirements to overcome their identified challenges ensuring each individual plays their position to the best of their ability and deliver for their valued client base.