Expressions Partnership


Training in the Leisure Sector

One of the founders of the Expressions Partnership started his working life in the leisure and sports industries.

Working his way up from teaching aerobics back in the 1990’s progressing to personal training and gym management to eventually being employed as the international training and development director for a franchise operating in 18 countries around the world.
These roots started and now maintain, a passion for this industry and all who experience it.

Iconic Brands

Trusted to design and deliver bespoke interventions across a wide variety of brands and services, Expressions is proud to be associated with some of the most iconic leisure destinations around the world including: 


  • Wentworth 
  • The Hurlingham Club
  • Gainesville Health and Fitness Center Florida
  • The Roehampton Club
  • Burhill Golf and Leisure
  • David Lloyd Leisure
  • PGA Golf



Guest, Member and Participant Expectations

Whether attending an annual sporting event or subscribing to an ongoing membership every individual will have a level of expectation of the facilities, services and consistency of standards and hospitality that they have paid for.

Having worked for and with a range of different organisations in this industry Expressions has designed and delivered interventions including upskilling leisure professionals to providing world-class customer delight.

The programmes Expressions has designed and delivered all centre around the notion of removing the obstacles that get in the way of your customers paying your wages coupled with never allowing a member to question the amount they pay in subs. 

Train the Trainer

Continuity and consistency are key when delivering value-for-money services.

Having super-stars is not always a good thing if there are other members of the team who don’t shine as brightly.

Expressions have created bespoke Train the Trainer programmes for a number of leisure brands to enable consistency and create a culture of high-quality delivery.    

Motivational Interviewing

Based on the psychology of behaviour change and born out of work in the field of addiction therapy Motivational Interviewing provides focused attention on adherence to a chosen activity.

Typically this has been applied to the world of health and fitness enabling sustained health behaviour change.

Expressions have applied this subject expertise to fitness professionals not only to help their valued customer base but to increase member retention.
Fitness tests are so 1990’s and they actively discourage people to join a health and fitness club.

The results are usually inaccurate and often a source of embarrassment for the participant so why would you put this obstacle in the way of your customer paying your wages and enjoying a healthier lifestyle?

Leadership and Management

Like many sectors, the leisure industry falls into the classic trap of promoting technical experts to positions of authority without the necessary guidance and structured development.

Expressions have welcomed such individuals to the Open Management Academy as well as designed and delivered internal Leadership and Management Academy programmes to enable them to fulfil their roles with confidence and competence.

Other Provisions

Other provisions have included:

  • Strategic development and business growth
  • Sales development 
  • Membership category development
  • Departmental specific training   
  • One-to-one coaching 
Leadership and Management