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Training in the Medical and Care Sector

The team at Expressions have the honour of working with a wide range of organisations representing different sectors and in different countries.

All organisations have a purpose and connecting to that purpose ensures there is cultural and behavioural alignment. Occasionally the team get to work with organisations with a very clear and demonstrable purpose and non-so more important than in the medical and care sectors.

Despite this clear and evident purpose, it is often obscured by the day-to-day challenges that exist in every organisation. By keeping the purpose at the heart of everything the organisation does the individuals that contribute to the teams that enable the success are aligned and working with fluidity.

That isn’t to say that there are never any issues, but the issues are minor and easily rectified. Expressions is immensely proud to work with a number of different organisations within the medical and care sectors assisting them to further improve their performance so they can deliver world-class care and support for their customer/patient base. 

The following denote some of the instances where Expressions have designed and delivered programmes:

Research Organisation

Research Organisation

Our remit has been to further enable Cultural Architecture for a world-class cancer research institute.

This includes a 4-year transformation programme to ensure they are fit for purpose whilst remaining true to their vision.

Aligning the functions within the organisation to ensure everyone is playing their contributory part and they are appreciated and respected for doing what they do.

This creates a positive culture where the majority of people want to perform.

All too often, individuals, teams and organisations continue with tasks and behaviours because this is what they have always done.

The fact of the matter is that the professional, personal and social worlds change, and individuals, teams and organisations don’t always follow suit.

Over time this creates a void in performance that is detrimental to the purpose, vision and values of the organisation.

This tends to lead to higher than desirable wastage of time, effort and money.

National Health Service - NHS

Front-line NHS is stretched and has been for more years than we care to admit.

Without a meaningful large-scale plan to resolve this, it is left to the individual components of the service to find ways to ease the tension and increase the provision. 

The front desk team in all GP centres are faced with challenging situations. Not least because of the growing frustrations about the state of the NHS, but also because the majority of their visitors are unwell from a wide variety of ailments and so they are not feeling their best selves.

Behaviour breeds behaviour and as such the reception team is often affected and contributes to the situation which never helps find a pastoral approach. 

Expressions created the Patient First programme for an increasingly busy health centre. This included increasing self-awareness and appreciation whilst improving assertiveness and the associated micro-skills that enhanced the patient experience and minimised any adverse reactions to heightened frustration. 

Medical Equipment Organisation

Starting with Leadership development for a global cryogenics and incubator business the remit was to assist the senior leadership team to implement their 3-year strategic business plan in line with the growth of the wider global business via acquisitions. 

By further enabling the business and functional leaders they created a set of core values all focusing on achieving a shared vision which was launched and received very well by the rest of the organisation.

Shifting the culture from a traditional manufacturing operation to a purpose lead growth business and bringing in new talent mentored by experience and wisdom this organisation is going from strength to strength.

Progressing with team development to further improve the interdependence of the organisation provides a clear opportunity to work harmoniously and take the organisation into the next 50 years. 

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Due to the excellent performance and results of the founding members of a private physiotherapy business, there was a greater demand for their services.

Growing a business that is seemingly dependent on one or two people is always a challenging situation as the reputation to date is solely due to the contribution of those two people.

There was an identified need to focus on growth, succession and business development opportunities. It was essential to ensure the demand could be met and continued as part of a carefully considered exit strategy. Looking at structure and behaviours aligned to growth was the foundation of this project and working relationship.

Today they are thriving more than when they were smaller, and the reputation has shifted from that of the two founders to the larger organisation and all who contribute to delivering excellent services to their valued clientele.


Medical Devices Organisation

Starting with one-to-one coaching on presentation skills the Global Commercial Director improved in confidence and gained extremely positive feedback from his line Manager. So, he invited Expressions to assist with the presentation skills of the rest of the Global sales team.

Almost every continent was represented by this international group of delegates and Expressions delivered a 2-day programme sharpening up their ability to present a memorable presentation and deliver this with confidence and conviction. 

Less power pointless and more client-centred focus with a passionate belief in the subject matter. 
Fewer space fillers and more quality delivery with time for the audience to absorb the relevant information 
Less looking at the screen and more engaging with the audience.

A few years later two members of that team joined another organisation and invited Expressions to design and deliver a programme that assisted in the sales and presentation skills of the team so they too could benefit from this attention and performance improvement. 

Just another example of how Expressions generates business through happy customers inviting us back when they move on.