Expressions Partnership


Training Providers to the Transport Industry

Expressions has been working with transport and logistics organisations for over a decade understanding their key performance indicators and assisting in the creation of vision, mission, values and strategic pillars for sustainable success.
We have been working with a global transport company since 2018 assisting in the following areas:

Cultural Architecture

Specifically working with the engineering areas of this global organisation it was quickly identified that there were legacy issues from decades ago. Couple this with a highly unionised industry and you have the recipe for cultural misalignment.
People were holding onto negativity experienced many years previous and, like in almost every sector (because it is human to do so) they kept these negative views and feelings alive every time they set foot inside the organisation to start a shift.
The main challenge was that this misalignment was navigating the business areas further away from where they needed and wanted to be, but the behaviours continued and became further embedded into routines and the overarching culture.

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Appreciating other department roles

By realigning the behaviours of the different departments they gained greater understanding and better appreciation of the contribution each makes towards the common goal.
Blue Sky away days were designed and delivered to generate ideas from the front-line leadership, as they were closer to the action than the senior leadership.

Other interventions included:

  • Team development to enable everyone to collaborate and collectively contribute with minimum wastage and maximum performance.
  • Dealing with change and shifting the mindsets so everyone was facing the right direction. 
  • Managing the transition between different generations within the organisation so that the new generation were not infected by the old and to stop the continuation of the negative legacy. 

Now there is a new and positive approach to tackling the issues, building a loyal team and enabling a workforce to develop skills and take greater pride in their work.

Management Development

Like every sector and organisation, Managers and Senior Managers typically gain internal promotion due to their technical specialism and expertise.

Rarely is there enough (if any) focus on the skill shift from technical to Leadership.

All too often the lure of more money entices the front-line operative into applying for Assistant Manager and Management positions. Then comes the realisation that the role is accompanied by increased responsibility and a whole lot of extra issues to deal with. 

“The course materials are well organised and easy to follow. An eye opener course on management that gets you thinking outside the box” 


Deliver Key Results

Expressions work with new and existing engineering managers (EMs) and emerging assistant engineering managers (AEMs) to lead, manage and develop their teams to deliver the key results as stipulated by their client’s terms and conditions.

As the client is often a government-backed entity there are clearly stipulated targets to be hit and fines to be paid for not hitting them.

This focused development was offered both in-house and via the open Management Academy. The client continues to choose the open Academy route so their delegates benefit from working with other managers from different sectors and organisations.

EAMs who started on the Management Academy in 2018 are now EMs and potential successors for more senior roles to continuously improve the culture and performance of the business.