Much kneaded but hasn't risen!

05 Sep 2017

This could be any conversation between bakers or contestants of ‘British Bake Off’. 
If you don’t put the effort in or have patience, maybe not maintain a consistent heat in the oven or let a breath of fresh air in too soon. 

The wrong mixture, the right mixture but using the wrong recipe. 

These mistakes always result in failure or disappointment when success could have easily been achieved. 

So where do you go for the dough?

That same conversation could equally apply when talking about many a company employee, just as it applies to cup cakes, sponges and fruit cakes etc.

Most will understand the concept of not getting things right when baking after watching a few experts explain and demonstrate how to achieve a near perfect result.  
Everything looks obvious, you just have to follow the tried and tested formula and surprise, a wonderful cake of the correct consistency and appearance, a perfectly risen cake that, as a contestant of a baking competition, gives you a buzz, and the reflected glory of its excellence plus the opportunity of the big prize.

Baking and making success

Were that perfect cake an employee you would be proud to be the employer, proud of how that man or woman had responded to the application of the success formula and the time and patience you had applied to their development. 

You would be pleased that you had invested in the right tools, applying the finest recipe and sharing their success. Your protégé would have risen through the ranks and felt the benefit of the rewards success brings. 

Does the head baker recognize the benefit of teamwork?

As an employee do you see a caring, understanding employer enthusiastically engaging experts to help you get things right, ensuring the use of the right tools in the correct manner, encouraging you and being enthusiastic at your success?

Supporting at a time when you start to pick up the accolades for yourself and the company. Best of all the incentives for achievement and hard work by way of promotion and that well earned extra pay.

A perfect cupcake or successful employee is the result of knowledge gained through education, training, teamwork and motivation. 

So rise to the challenge, strike while the oven’s hot, the icing on the cakecould be the sweet taste of success. 

Take our Nadia, ‘Bake off’ winner one year, TV presenter the next. 

Recipe footnotes

The finest advice for anyone is try your hand at what you really enjoy doing, and do it well and if you are doing it well, then you will be in demand, rewarded and automatically in a good place, happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.