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How do I choose?

06 Feb, 2020
How do I choose?

With so many choices these days in almost everything we do, or want to do, how do we choose with confidence?
When booking a holiday or choosing a place to visit we will look at reviews on Tripadvisor. 
When choosing which product to buy from Amazon we’ll look at the star rating and maybe even read some of the comments. 
When selecting the right tradesperson to work on our property we may use something like Checkatrade. 
There’s even Glassdoor, a dedicated space for previous employees of companies to review the workplace for any candidate considering applying for a job there.
But who do we trust?
Whilst all these consumer sites are helpful and provide insight for us to make valuable decisions, there is still the age-old reliable truth called word of mouth. 
If you wanted a builder to build your extension, you’d ask your friends who they used before right?
If you were looking for a tutor to help your child learn to play an instrument, you’d ask a friend who they used. And the list goes on. 
The fact is you’d want some form of social proof to aid your decision making to minimise error and maximise on success.
You may wonder why I’m writing this article if the subject matter seems so obvious?
Well it dawned on me last week that we don’t sell ourselves enough using social proof. So many organisations publish a great deal of claims about quality, reliability and customer service, but not a huge amount of evidence from real consumers.
So, I thought I’d make a positive step to proudly share real consumer evidence as social proof to anyone out there who is contemplating learning and development solutions for themselves, their team and/or their entire organisation. There are many options out there, so I hope this helps your decision making in finding the best fit for you and your organisation. 

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