In house Bespoke Training vs Public Open Courses

27 Mar 2018

Public Training - The Open Management Academy Public Training - The Open Management Academy

Open (Public) Training  Courses

Public open courses are cost-effective for small groups or individuals to attend and suit companies that, due to operational requirements cannot take large groups of people out of the office at the same time.

Whereas onsite training in a familiar environment with company colleagues allows for distraction and also for the more dedicated staff the opportunity to dwell on current work issues and yearn for their desk just a short distance away, open courses are conducted in a remote managed training environment specific to the course requirements.

Interruptions and distractions are minimised and mobile phones are not allowed other than break times. The dedicated "managed" environment promotes a greater concentration and focus on the topic at hand.

Depending on the course subject an "open" course may seem to be less specific to your operation or so you might think at first.

Exposure to other company cultures

Delegates are in attendance from a variety of different work backgrounds, size of company and contrasting cultures.

The sharing of different points of view on a variety of topics influenced by each individual delegate’s working environment brings completely different perspectives.

Topical discussion and debate provide real value and an appreciation of the challenges faced in the delegates respective workplaces, the different approaches to tackling them, the learning curves and the varying degrees of success in their implementation.


Inevitably the networking aspect brings a range of new contacts with an established rapport against a backdrop defined by the appeal of the course.

Expressions run Open and In-House Training programmes for management, leadership development, team-building and training courses for other core business skills.

Is an Open training course right for your company?

Attending or sending a representative on an open training course gives you the opportunity to see if it is right for your company and also to consider running it as an In-House training course specifically aligned to your company needs.


Whilst both options have specific benefits neither is better than the other. It all depends on the identified needs of the organisation and the individuals within. 

In the meantime, if you would like to explore your options for open courses or In-house training please get in touch.

Management Academy In-House TrainingManagement Academy In-House Training

In-House Bespoke Training

Running a bespoke in-house training course has a lot of benefits.

As opposed to an "open" or "public" training course, an in-house bespoke course can focus on the identified organisational needs of the company be they short or long term.

Staff are familiar with the parameters and the culture within which everybody works. As a group, they more readily recognise the challenges and issues facing the business as well as the strengths and opportunities of it.

It allows for in-house issues to be addressed, dissected and examined.
Moreover, post course it provides a shared and recognised standard which all of the attendees can relate to and apply the value of in the workplace.

Successful management development programmes should result in managers being able to apply and sustain their newly learned skills and behaviours in the workplace.

A supportive organisational culture is a key factor in the successful implementation and dissemination of learning in the workplace.

A supportive culture means one where there is open dialogue across all levels of the organisation and where respect and recognition for all employees is embedded and visible.  


Onsite training is cost-effective, allowing a flexible headcount in attendance whilst incurring the cost of the training facilitator/s as opposed to a delegate cost per head on a public training course. 

It requires less organisation than offsite training and travel logistics and costs are similarly removed from the equation.


Taking time out of the office for your team to develop their skills together can be a great team-building exercise, and provides a unique opportunity to discuss issues specific to your organisation with our expert trainers who bring added value from delivering bespoke and open training programmes across a range of business sectors.

By it's nature course attendees, facilitated by the trainer, develop a greater awareness of the skillsets of their colleagues where, for the course duration, any hierarchical lines are blurred and interaction is encouraged. 


Bespoke in-house courses can be scheduled to the convenience of the business rather than relate to the availability of scheduled public courses in remote locations.

Your people are your greatest asset

Expressions Partnership have been delivering bespoke and open training courses and consultancy since 2003.

Nine out of ten companies who invest in their employees with Expressions Partnership bespoke training find it so effective that they go on to do more training with us.