Expressions Partnership

Surveys and Research

Research and data capture

We offer bespoke surveys to our clients to meet a variety of needs including Engagement surveys, Team Audits and 360 Management reviews. 

Our 360 Leadership and Management reviews are based on a number of capabilities that are designed in collaboration with senior leaders and/or managers within your organisation. 

We then create a series of statements that are aligned with the agreed capabilities, and we manage the survey process so each recipient receives honest feedback and a personal 360 report.

We also offer one-to-one feedback on these reports to enable full utilisation of the feedback and a corresponding action plan for future success.

Engagement Surveys enable employers to track how their people feel about working in their environment and feedback on any initiatives they have introduced.

Again these surveys are bespoke to your organisation and can be reported in whatever way will generate the best information.

Team Audits provide essential feedback on how people work within any team using our 5 essential elements of highly effective teams.   

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