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The Leadership Bootcamp

The Leadership Bootcamp

Learning about Leadership in a classroom provides a great grounding. Learning from actual experience in a safe surrounding provides another level of experience.
The Leadership Bootcamp was born out of a need for leaders to assess, develop and hone their practical leadership performance.

This interactive pragmatic learning experience gives delegate leaders the ideal opportunity to pause and focus on themselves for a moment. By doing this they gain valuable insight in to how they lead, react, prioritise and deliver.

Who will benefit

Whether you are an established leader wanting a refreshing view on how you are leading, or you are new to a leadership role, or just curious about what leadership is all about in this modern world, then this interactive Bootcamp is just for you.

Leadership is so much more than knowing what to do, it's about doing what needs to be done to navigate, direct, enable and prosper in any given situation.
The Leadership Bootcamp simulates any given situation that will or might happen in your organisation within a safe learning environment.

The experience is recorded and edited so delegates will have a lasting memory of how they faired and how they can perform to the best of their ability. 

Working with a wide range of organisations from schools and hospitals to aspiring and existing global leaders, Expressions has designed and delivered specific Leadership experiential learning bootcamps with positive and lasting benefits. 


Leading in the modern era is more challenging now than it has been for a while. Different generations of employees with vastly different expectations and customers demanding more for less. The leader who states their leader style is probably redundant in this modern age as leaders need to be more adaptable whilst retaining 100% accountability.

Leaders attending the Leadership Bootcamp will leave this pragmatic programme with:

A greater grounded self-confidence
Improved self-awareness with areas of strength to play and others to work with
A clear set of actions to implement directly in their team and organisation when they return to their workplace
An appreciation of the behaviours required by modern day leaders in a changeable world

A clear focus on delivering the results in the most effective way including:

  • Commercially
  • Strategically
  • Logistically
  • Authentically
  • Inspirationally
  • Positionally
  • Positively
  • Directly and indirectly
  • Assertively


The Leadership Bootcamp is designed and delivered with each team’s desired outcomes at its heart.

Typically, a Leadership Bootcamp consists of 1 ½ days separated by approximately 3 months so delegates can actually implement and feedback on what they have achieved.

Day One : The Practical Bootcamp

Each Bootcamp consists of up to 12 delegate leaders who will all lead at least one project during the first day and follow in the others. They will be required to strategise, plan, prepare, co-ordinate, delegate, project manage, communicate, mitigate, inspire and enable others to deliver the desired outcomes. As a leader they receive 360 written and verbal feedback from their followers and the programme facilitators. This feedback is collated in to a personal action plan for focused implementation back in their workplace. It’s challenging, fun, enlightening, eye opening and inspiring providing real tangible benefits personally and organisationally.

Day Two : The Reunion

3 months later the group reconvene for a half day share and learn session. Leaders share what they took from the experience and most importantly what they implemented from their action plan and the impact this has had and continues to bring to their leadership and organisation performance.

By sharing and learning they gain insight from other leaders as well as their own personal experiences adding the best possible return on investment back in their workplace.

Support, free and unlimited phone coaching is provided during the whole duration of this programme to provide the confidential and non-judgemental support leaders want, but usually struggle to find.


Free and unlimited phone coaching is provided during the whole duration of this programme to provide the confidential and non-judgemental support leaders want, but usually struggle to find.


The Leadership Bootcamp can be designed and delivered as a stand-alone experience or complete an in-house Leadership Academy programme.

Costs are specific to the number of days and the provision required.

Please contact us for more information.