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The Leadership Training Academy

The Leadership Training Academy

Taking that step up to senior management requires a new skill set as well as the people management skills, you need to understand strategy, be able to communicate with a vast amount of different stakeholders and learn to enable people and let them get on with the role you hired them to do. 

The Leadership Academy is a progressive Leadership Training and Development programme enabling leaders from any background to gain the necessary skills and experience to steer their organisation so their managers can drive the performance and their people can deliver the results. 

Who will benefit

If you read 6 different books on Leadership looking to find the best way to lead, you'll probably be more confused than when you started your research.
There are so many views, opinions and theories many of which conflict each other.

The one thing we have come to learn over the years of designing and delivering Leadership Training is that in the modern era there is no one single style of Leadership that works for everyone and every situation.
We have to embrace adaptability and apply different approaches to the many different situations we are faced with.

The Leadership Academy starts with the inside out approach before embarking on how to lead others.
Then we progress on to the behaviours, skills and attitudes required in the modern world for leading individuals, teams and organisations.

The Leadership Academy is aimed at the Middle to Senior Management/Director level. 
Not all leaders are CEO's MD's or even members of the senior management team.

Leadership can exist at all levels of any organisations including business, schools, sports teams and even families. 
This interactive, pragmatic leadership training course will also benefit those individuals with the potential to step up in to a more senior role or to enhance how they lead from their level.

Who will benefit

Leadership Training Course Content

The Leadership Academy is delivered over 4 x one day interactive workshops where delegate leaders are encouraged and expected to share and learn from each other as well as the knowledgeable and experienced trainer. Each day is designed to deliver the essential elements of leading people, and organisations in the modern era.

  • The Internal Compass
  • Navigation
  • Followership
  • Leadership Approaches

The Internal Compass

Before we can lead others, we need to get ourselves in order as our people in all areas of our organisation look up to us for guidance, direction and behaviour standards. This initial one day workshop allows all delegate's the opportunity to increase their self-awareness. As a character trait of world class leaders this foundation day focuses on the 4 principles of leadership and how to apply them at the right time for the right outcomes at all times.

  • What is your Modus Operandi as a leader and how do you lead by example?
  • We work through the Success Formula allowing moments to reflect and learn from our experiences without the pressure of the next meeting, email, phone call or other distractions. 
  • Leaders will identify their winning habits and self-destructive behaviours as well as their stressors and coping strategies to manage their own Emotional Intelligence.
  • Where is there 'Wiggle Room' for improvement and how to gain the confidence and deal with the 'Imposter Syndrome' to be the best role model for all to follow.
  • Leaders will design their own Coat of Arms aligning to their values and principles to deliver authenticity in their leadership approach. 


Setting a clear path of direction is a key role of a leader in any organisation whether this is from the very top or through a business unit or department. Using The Impact Model Leaders can set and steer the strategic direction. Having a vision is obvious, but communicating it so it is clearly understood and followed is something lacking in many business leaders.

This second day focuses on how you communicate the 'Meaning and Purpose' behind your vision to maximise engagement and productivity. 
Strategic planning and reviewing will enable a route map for everyone to follow.   
Leaders will enhance their active listening by learning Advanced Communication skills to ensure their message is clearly understood and followed.  


By understanding the internal compass in your people, leaders can enable them to deliver the results maximising on their engagement and increase their willingness to perform tasks to the best of their ability. Leaders will grasp the 4 Enablers of Engagement, inspiring individual and team performances whilst managing workload and preventing burn out.

Employee wellbeing is a risky subject in today's organisations and people want to do a good job, but don't want work to dominate their entire life. This module gives leaders the knowledge, skills and pragmatic tools to achieve this harmonious relationship. 

Leaders will get the opportunity to audit their team performance and the ways and means to nurture better team working through mentoring, development and coaching and how to balance Delegation and Control.

Leadership Approaches

Any leader who states their leadership style as a dominant style is redundant in the modern world. Leaders need to be adaptable to their audience and, whilst being assertive and decisive, they need a tool box of different approaches to arrive at the best solution. 

This interactive and investigative module discovers the benefits of a range of different approaches including  

  • Transactional Leadership
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership 
  • Distributed Leadership
  • Servant Leadership 
  • Inspirational Leadership

Additionally leaders will learn how to Lead Change in their organisation by identifying why people typically resist change (The Change Curve) and how to roll with resistance to direct people through the growing pains to higher productivity and best implementation. 

Outcomes of Leadership Training

Gain Desirable Followership through respect and integrity Role Modeling the core values and Leadership behaviours

  • Reproduce winning habits to maximise on strengths and success
  • Identify Stress thresholds, constructing resilience and coping strategies 
  • Focused learning and development interventions to address areas identified as potential and able improvements 
  • People play to their strengths with maximum positivity   
  • Alignment of what you stand for and how you contribute to the organisation
  • Maximum return on investment of own time and effort by removing fear & anxiety whilst working with maximum confidence and certainty 
  • Identify and agree the Leadership capabilities within your specific organisation providing a 360 degree opportunity   
  • Clear direction for all to see and follow
  • Business unit (departmental) purpose aligned to the overall vision 
  • Enable accomplishment of tasks via better communication through clarity of purpose, meaning and contribution
  • Balanced approach to working effectively 
  • Innovative, solution focused employee stakeholders 
  • Loyalty and desire to progress for the greater good not just the personal benefits 
  • Collaborative working and cross fertilising of working teams 


Delivery and Costs

The Leadership Academy is primarily offered as an in-house designed and delivered programme for up to 15 delegates. The programme can consist of any number of modules with or without a bootcamp and ILM accreditation. The basic in-house programme consists of 4 one day sessions including free phone coaching and digital learning platform. Prices start at £10,000 for up to 15 delegates. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

“ Having been on leadership and management training throughout my career and been sceptical about the effectiveness, Expressions completely changed my perception. The programme was geared to our specific needs and has been a revelation. For a team about to grow and for a business about to relocate, it was exactly what we needed. We are now implementing further training, through Expressions, for the rest of the company”

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