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The Happy Workshop

The Happy Workshop

We have asked thousands of managers and business leaders what they want from their people if they were led and managed most effectively.

There are a range of responses with many similarities.

One of the responses comes up at every session on this subject. 'Happy People'! Happy staff equals happy customers equals motivated staff.

It's time to embrace the subject and get past pre-conceived ideas of fluffiness.

Who will benefit

The science of Happiness is well documented and the benefits of focusing on this basic of human desires has seen multiple benefits for individuals, teams and organisations.

The Happy Workshop was launched on the first United Nations International Day of Happiness in March 2012 at the UK’s first Wellbeing Symposium to a packed audience curious to learn what all the fuss was about and secretly how they could be happier. The Happy Workshop has been delivered to audiences from a wide range of backgrounds, industries and countries as a stand-alone session or as part of a wider Wellbeing provision both in-house and at public conferences.

The Happy Workshop dispels the myths and explores the scientifically grounded facts about happiness giving participants from CEOs to students (and everyone in between) practical tools, ideas and options to implement to enhance their performance through behaviour change for the better.

There is no fluffy stuff within this interactive action provoking workshop, only facts and pragmatic opportunities. Everyone would benefit from attending the Happy Workshop, it’s not just an HR subject!


What is this thing we call Happiness and how do we get it, build it and maintain it? 
Happiness is subjective so this interactive workshop enables participants to explore what this means to them and to consider all the factors that both contribute to and erode happiness for them.

Participants will discover the secrets to happiness and how to utilise them for personal and professional benefits.
Learn how the Happiness Formula can be used to enhance the culture and behaviour of any team.
Understand how the 3 categories of Happiness affect the motivation of all people and what impact this has on the motivational drivers of people in your workplace.

Create your own positive wellbeing workplace culture by understanding the link between happiness and motivation and learn practical ways to enhance the happiness and motivation of your workplace that won't cost the earth.

Delivery and Cost

Although the Happy Workshop is pre-designed, in-house delivery of this popular workshop can be tweaked to focus on specific areas of interest in any organisation.

The Happy Workshop can be delivered over a half day, full day or part of a wider Wellbeing programme.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements so we can help you improve your performance.