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Wellbeing @ Work Masterclass

Wellbeing @ Work Masterclass

The Wellbeing @ Work Masterclass is delivered over half a day or over multiple days depending on the specific requirements of the organisation.

The masterclass shares practical knowledge, advice and guidance to enable a healthier workplace for all.

Who will benefit

Anyone in any workplace who cares about their own and other’s mental health. Being safe at work includes more than their physical health and safety.

Everyone is different but we all have a degree of stuff going on in our lives.

Asking employees to leave their personal lives at the door when they come to work is no longer acceptable and is grossly ineffective and inhumane.  
How people feel affects how motivated they are and ultimately how they work.

Understanding the root causes and practical ways to deal with them is essential for everyone to deal with what life throws at us and allows opportunities to get the best from each and every day.
The masterclass delivers pragmatic ideas which is scientifically grounded not some mumbo jumbo fad you find on the internet or some of those self-help books.

Who will benefit


The content of the Masterclass can be designed and delivered to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

Here are some of the more commonly requested areas:

  • Taking personal accountability for our own mental health
  • Creating a positive wellbeing work based culture
  • Psychological Safety
  • Understanding stress and forming healthy and helpful coping strategies
  • P.E.R.M.A
  • Using Wellbeing Hubs
  • Happiness and Motivation
  • Who looks after the MHFAs?
  • Overcoming and managing anxiety
  • Confidence and resilience
  • Working through Imposter Syndrome
  • Dealing with Change
  • Recognising ill-being


Key Outcomes of Our Well-Being Training Workshop

1. Improved Emotional Well-Being:

  • Reduced negativity and increased positivity among participants
  • Enhanced performance and productivity

2. Effective Teamwork and Collaboration:

  • Better teamwork within and across teams
  • Strengthened relationships and increased mutual respect
  • Managers enabling individuals to play to their strengths

3. Resilience and Adaptability:

  • Greater resilience in handling unexpected challenges
  • Solution-focused mindset and performance
  • Reduced absenteeism rates

4. Personal Growth and Engagement:

  • Increased utilization of individual strengths in the workplace
  • Enhanced sense of belonging to the organization
  • Heightened engagement and job satisfaction


Delivery and Cost

The Wellbeing Series is tailored to meet the specific requirements of any audience.
This can be a series of bite sized sessions on any of the Wellbeing topics, a series of one to one interventions.
Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific requirements so we can help you improve your performance. 

We provided a ‘Health and wellbeing workshop’ for my team which consisted of an inspirational speaker from Expressions who led an interactive workshop aimed at inspiring people to live their lives in a way to be more happy, less stressful, more understanding. 

I have to admit that at first I was very worried that people might not fully appreciate all of these things, and that they might think I was a complete fruitcake. I decided to just go with my instinct. In the event there was an almost euphoric wave of optimism and good feeling amongst staff who were outspoken in their appreciation. They all felt that they had benefitted from all of the wellbeing services, and had learnt a lot. As a result we have worked with our staff to provide some ongoing health and wellbeing – related services on an ongoing basis. We now have flexible lunch hours to allow staff to go out for a group walk, we’ve organised our own private pilates class, we have fruit delivered to the office instead of sweets and chocolate, and we’ve organised various health conscious events.

I originally arranged this as a kind of reward, but what I didn’t anticipate was that at the end it felt more like an investment. It helped to enhance the ‘team’ feeling, and you could sense the overall ‘good feeling’. Personally I felt extremely good about myself for having arranged this, and I also felt that it helped to enhance the all-important bond between owners and staff whereby everybody helps each other. I made some big changes to my own diet and, as a result, have found myself more focused and productive, for longer in the day – I estimate that I’m getting an extra 2 hours of quality output from myself.  If this can be applied to the whole workforce that can make a big difference.
The professionalism and attitude of all the practitioners has been first class and the service has been provided with a smile, with no negative issues at all.
To be absolutely honest, my experience is that this service has been a revelation and it has been an uplifting experience both for myself and my team. As an accountant who advises businesses, I feel that it is something we should all invest more in. After all, we are happy to spend money oiling and repairing our machines and equipment, but how much do we spend on our best asset, our staff? And if they’re not our best asset, they could be… 

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