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Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

Whilst there are similarities in all teams and organisations there are a great deal of specific elements that are unique to that environment. This can include policies, systems, compliance, rules and regulations, employee legacy issues, restrictions and opportunities.

This is why Expressions works with each and every client to ensure we align what we do to the defined desired outcomes. Then we focus on the best way to deliver this to maximise on traction back in the workplace and gain the best return on investment of time, effort and money.

Previous and current examples include:

Customer First programme: for a 5-star property management organisation creating their standards of excellence and then training their team on how to deliver this each and every day.

The Return on Investment -tangible-measurable.

  • Fewer challenges on service charges
  • Demonstrable reduction in resident complaints
  • Increase in positive feedback noted on their Wall of Fame
  • Higher staff retention
  • Less operational costs to the business
Bespoke Training

Residential Leadership programme - global organisation

Zoom was considered, but deemed less effective, and monthly sessions imposed time constraints, impacting on cost and logistics. The intensive week included interactive workshops, experiential learning through a series of outdoor projects, one-to-one coaching and sharing and learning in the evenings.

Despite taking a full week out from their extremely busy day-to-day tasks and with a looming deadline for a product launch, they started the week with a belief that the deadline was not possible, and the product launch would not happen.

Six weeks later the product was launched on time with global success and industry praise.

European Research Business

A new Performance Management Process was being launched. The requirement was for a succinct series of training sessions to enable people to feel comfortable with the new process and to practice using it in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

We created a one-day interactive session to understand and address concerns, increasing confidence in using the process and facilitating ‘Real Play’ to maximise the usage and benefits of the European-wide process.

World-Leading Scientific Institute

Working with the institute enabled a 4-year transformation project to be more efficient whilst delivering its core purpose. This project required a deeper understanding of the current and legacy culture and a clear view of the desired culture for the next chapter in the organisation.

Expressions worked with various individuals and departments within the organisation to navigate the joined-up approach required to transform. Different departments had different needs as well as different characters with different skills and challenges.

Expressions acted as the conduit to enable greater collaboration and a new culture where there is a greater appreciation of everyone’s role and responsibilities.   

Toni and Guy Franchise - A Case Study

Expressions started working with Toni & Guy over 10 years ago.

There was a specific need identified and that was increasing the return (request) rate of new and existing clients. This focus required particular attention to the customer experience and associated touch points.

Watch the video to learn more and how Expressions assisted Toni and Guy in this essential business improvement area.


`"On behalf of the New Wave English Hub team, a big thank you for a brilliant training session last week. We all came away from the insightful day with key ways to plan and prepare for challenging scenarios and conversations. I particularly felt that the padding session was very helpful! 

Thank you, Wil and it was lovely to meet you."

Regards, Manjit 
New Wave Federation