Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to all work booked and engaged with Expressions by the Client unless mutually agreed in writing prior to commencement.

  1. Period

    The terms and conditions will remain in force from the date of the booking until cancellation, in writing.

  2. Fees

    The fees cover work for the Client whether carried out on his/her premises or elsewhere, as specified separately. All fees and expenses are subject to VAT at 20% (until such times when VAT rates change).

  3. Expenses

    The following expenses may be billed in addition to the fees specified above:

    • Travel Expenses
    • Hotel accommodation
    • Subsistence
    • Purchased published materials
    • Printing and reproduction
    • Hire of materials or equipment
    • Other expenses necessarily incurred
  4. Payment Terms

    Invoices will be submitted in accordance with the payment terms specified in the Confirmation of Work form. Payment will be due within 28 days of the invoice date. A 5% per month charge WILL BE INCURRED for ANY delayed payments.

  5. Cancellations and Postponements

    If, for any reason, you have to cancel or postpone an agreed booking, this should be notified in writing, and the cancellation fees will apply as set out in the table below. However, if the particular work of the same or higher value were re-booked at this time for a date within 6 months, then this will be treated as a postponement and a reduced scale of fees will be applied.

    Notice Given Cancellation Postponement
    Less than 2 weeks 100% 100%
    Between 4 & 2 weeks 75% 50%
    More than 4 weeks No Charge No Charge
  6. Catch up sessions

    Should any individual miss a module of any of the training and Expressions is able to offer an Open session as a catch-up, then there will be a £25 + VAT administration fee per person, per booking that will be invoiced prior to the catch up session taking place. The administration fee is a non-refundable or transferable fee, so if you are unable to attend you will still be charged. If an open academy is unavailable there will be a half-day or full-day charge depending on the number of delegates needing to catch up.

  7. Force Majeure

    Expressions will use its best endeavours to carry out the contract as agreed, but shall not be liable for the loss (whether direct or consequential) suffered by the Client, in the event of Expressions being unable to complete the work in whole or in part due to matters beyond its reasonable control. This shall include (but shall not be confined to) illness, strikes, lock outs or other labour disputes, shortage of materials, accident or breakdown of motor vehicle or other forms of transport (including public transport), errors made by hotel staff or similar in making booking arrangements, other delays in travel, riot, civil unrest or war.

  8. Variation

    Any variations must be agreed and confirmed in writing in advance of the delivery date by both parties

  9. Confidentiality

    Expressions shall not disclose, publish or authorise others to publish any reports or information pertaining to the agreed contract with the Client, without prior written approval of the Client.

  10. Copyright

    Expressions retain the copyright in any models, delivery, reports or manuals or other materials that might be supplied, unless specific agreement is made in writing to assign any rights to the Client.

  11. Photography and Video

    On occasions Expressions takes and uses Photos and video of delegates during workshops and uses it on our website and select social media sites. By signing our terms and conditions you permit us to do so unless otherwise agreed

  12. Replacements

    Where a specific individuals member of the Expressions team is scheduled to deliver a particular piece of work and is unable to fulfil this commitment, Expressions will make every effort to replace him / her with another experienced Expressions team member subject to the agreement of the Client. Where specialisms cannot be replaced, there will be no charge for the day involved or for any agreed re-arrangement and delivery of the original commitment.