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Is In-House Training still In House?

Is In-House Training still In House?

In-House Training used to symbolise the use of a company's own HR and Training resources to train and develop employees.

Nowadays the term also encompasses external solutions providers, such as Expressions Partnership which can provide tailored courses that are bespoke to the individual needs of a company.

The flexibility of this approach allows companies to focus on their core capabilities while experts take care of the training and development of their internal staff.
This also expands into online learning platforms, which allow employees to access corporate training sessions from their own homes, or while they are out of the office.

In-House Training, but ....somewhere else?

In House Training is no longer restricted to training provided within the walls of the company itself. It can now include any learning and development activities that take place in collaboration with external partners, as long as it meets the needs of the business and its employees.

Is In-House Training still In House?

Management, leadership, customer care and sales skills

One of the biggest advantages of In-House training is that you have complete control over the content and curriculum that is covered.

As opposed to attending a public course this allows you to tailor the programme specifically to the needs and goals of your organisation whilst benefitting from the coach or trainer's cross-sector experience.

The Expressions team has a wealth of experience, are experts in their fields and are up-to-date with the latest industry trends spanning multiple business sectors in companies housed under one roof, in national brands, and those established internationally.

More so, being somewhat “impartial” of the company we bring a level of clarity and objectivity and are more able to identify potential problem areas and opportunities.

Expressions have two flagship academy training programmes.
The Leadership Academy and The Management Academy are both available as a public course and an In House training solution specifically tailored to the client needs.
Both of these Flagship Training and development solutions are fully supported with a synchronised online learning environment at to augment the learning in the classroom and support delegates in the intervals between the scheduled programme dates.

"I am more focused and organised on management perspectives rather than just technical....Thoroughly enjoyed it." - Paul McWatt, Team Lead & Service Engineer

"Improved communication....Improved self-confidence...Improved interactions with other team members." - Craig Hayes, Blood Transfusion Domain Lead

"Eye-opening detail regarding recruitment and what should/shouldn't be done." - Jon Pryor, Service Manager

"Great learning & better thinking makes me a better manager... Simon is awesome! Good, clear explanations." - Sohail Chaudhry, Software Test Lead


Other training solutions  include sales development, skills clinics such as Train the Trainer and Presentation skills, team building, the ever-important customer care 

Return On Investment

ROI is critical in any organisation and so initially we ask our clients: 

"At the end of this intervention what does success look like; What results do you really want?"

Using that information we develop and design a programme, whether it is for an individual, a team, or a whole company to meet that need.

Our interventions with In-House teams, from the newest employee on the first rung of the ladder to the directors' boardroom, bring rewards.

The delivery of the training or coaching plan offers the essential skills, tools, and experience to deliver the results your organisation wants and allows the opportunity to develop a programme that meets both individual and organisational goals.

The training and development process is an enabler:

  • Clarifies the appreciation of each other's roles in the organisation and their inter-dependency
  • Validate's an individual’s contribution
  • Enhances communications
  • Identifies roadblocks and issues
  • Increases employee engagement
  • Refreshes mindsets
  • Raises challenges
  • Can introduce a competitive element
  • Facilitates change in methodology and culture
  • Invites Team Building opportunities
  • Adds momentum and identifies goals and milestones
  • Communicates and clarifies the company's business strategy

Benefits of In House Training

Management training and development can bring numerous advantages to organisations and their workforce.

From an employee’s perspective training is a valuable and necessary investment in their personal and professional growth and management training can mean improved leadership skills and a greater sense of job security.

It also creates opportunities for career advancement, allowing individuals to take on new challenges and expand their skill set.

Learning new skills and gaining knowledge not only increases their productivity but also enhances their confidence and job satisfaction.

This can lead to stronger leaders who are better equipped to guide their teams toward achieving organisational objectives.


Areas of Management Weakness

Additionally, management training can help to identify and address areas of weakness within management, enabling companies to establish effective leadership practices.

Employers who support workplace education and training programs enjoy a more conscientious, resourceful, loyal, and dependable workforce. Overall, the benefits of management training and development can have a positive ripple effect on organisational culture, retention rates, and overall success.

iLearn Online

Expressions Partnership operates an online course platform.

We use the platform to augment our management and leadership academies so that an additional comprehensive level of support is readily available to all delegates to access in-between scheduled classes in addition to telephone and email support.

Our fully supported stand-alone Wellbeing Programme "What About Me" is also on our iLearn Platform consisting of 16 modules, featuring over a hundred videos and interactive learning activities.  

In-House Training is a highly visible, goal-orientated, interactive shared experience.

  • Scheduled Face-to-face training with colleagues in a planned environment  means that people actually turn up and participate.
  • Allows real-time interaction with the coach/trainer and other attendees.
  • Immediate feedback on performance and progress.
  • Personalized attention and support.
  • Ability to ask questions and get answers right away.
  • Opportunity to network and collaborate with other learners.
  • Management endorsed and encouraged in line with specified and desired outcomes.
  • Research shows that businesses have approached training and development during and since the pandemic in different ways.

In some companies, the development area has completely ceased to exist due to layoffs, reduced budgets, and the termination of contracts with trainers.

Yet, other organisations are investing in remote tools and forms of employee development, in a time of enforced changes impacting a global workforce.

Adaptation to circumstances hoisted upon employers and employees as an emergency response to the dreadful impact of the Pandemic has changed the day-to-day realities of work.

The new norms of digitally connected remote "departments" and workforce have been embraced by many whilst reluctantly accepted or tolerated by others.

Many people have left their recent industry sectors completely.